Tim Lo Monaco

Tim Lo Monaco - From Arlington, Virginia, I am the son of a Sicilian born, Uruguay-raised entrepreneur and native Arlingtonian; I developed a love for traveling at an early age. I more or less stumbled upon photography when I bought my first SLR camera, the Nikon FM-10 where I learned how to take a picture based on the happy balance of shutter speed and aperture. I could never paint a picture nor play a musical instrument but somehow I've been able to (at least in my opinion) transfer the visual and emotional images I get from a particular scene onto film. I've enjoyed being able to both record instants in time for "record keeping sake", while experimenting with how best to reflect the visual stimulation I get from my surroundings.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. You can purchase them within the site. IMPORTANT NOTE: Print sizes don't always match the actual dimensions of the photos, especially panoramas. So after selecting the size you want in your cart, make sure to click "None" under the crop section. There is a link next to it to explain in better detail. If you'd like a print without a signature watermark, a physically signed print, or a different size print than what is listed please contact me directly. Any questions at all, please contact me at tim.lomonaco@gmail.com or call me at (703) 785-3261.

I get a lot of junk-mail that is pre-filtered, so please be specific in the subject line of the e-mail. Thanks!




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